Friday, 17 February 2017

Couple of the Year Competition

On Tuesday we crowned our three couple of the Years.

Cherrie & Mel

Helen & Stu

Jon & Lydia

All three couple are super stars in their own right, Im so very proud of them and between the 6 of them have lost 29 STONES!

Free Foods RULE!

Wowsers didn't we have some feasts on Tuesday? After 3 sessions I was super stuffed! Thank you to everyone who bought food and for those of you who stayed to group. If you left early believe me you missed out!
Breakfast quiche, salt & pepper chicken, dips, sweetcorn fritters, pulled pork, chicken curry, soup, sausages, veggie quiche, ham quiche, lamb kebab, turkey kebab, meatballs, fruit salad, and much much more!
Certainly ignited my passion for free foods and judging by the posts on our Facebook page so have you!

Here is just a selection of foodie photos from Tuesdays parties 

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Free Food February Valentine Taster Party

All food photos are courtesy of Great Wyrley Slimming World members
Love Food - Love Food Optimising

Valentines Day already and we are in the mood for love - the love of free foods! 
So lets have a party! If you've not been to a Slimming World food party before you are in for a treat! Its a lovely opportunity to try different recipes and foodie ideas. Il provide all the plates and cutlery, all you need to do is bring is some food and yourself. If you cant bring food we totally understand, its no problem just bring yourself, we love to share. However if you don't want to come empty handed can always bring a bottle of pop. But of course it would be lovely if everyone bought a little something to eat and share. The more food the better! 
I cant stress how vital it is to come to group next week. Free food February is all about reminding how important free foods are to food optimising and the fabulous filling power they have. To share our favourite meals with each other alongside support and encouragement what could be a better way to start your new Slimming World week! 

Ok so what to bring?
Anything you like really! In the past we've had quiches, chilli, curry, rice, spicy sausages, low syn cakes, cous cous salad, soups, dips and so much more.
Take a look at this link on the Slimming World website for some snack ideas
There is also some snack ideas on my main blog
I love this cheeky blog from Two Chubby Cubs, they have some brill recipes.
Check out this consultant from Warwickshires blog, its fab and this brilliant website for lots of ideas
As always when looking non official websites dont forget to check syn values to protect your weight loss! 

Heres some other ideas
Onion bhajis
Chicken in syn free marinade
Bombay potatoes
Curry loaf
Scotch eggs
Pulled pork
Mini lasagne cups
Loaded potato skins

Look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday
Kie x

Monday, 30 January 2017

Whats happening in group this week

Free Food February starts this week in Slimming World groups. Its a fantastic opportunity to reignite our passion for free foods. Free foods are what food optimising is all about, its how we lose weight, how we feel and look fantastic. We can enjoy the most amazing meals from egg and chips to curry, shepherds pie, roast dinners, spaghetti bolognaise, chicken casserole, burgers, chicken kiev, stir fries, lasagne, fish n chips and much much more! Filling up on free foods so we never go hungry. 

February groups will have a really big focus on free foods, I want us to share as many free food meals  ideas so bring along your note books, you wont want to miss a thing! We will be enjoying  free food taster parties on February 14th (more info next week)

Remember bring a new member get a week free is back on so be the best friend ever and bring along a friend to introduce them to the love of free foods and earn yourself a free week AND help them achieve their weight loss dreams. 

Brand new recipe book is available first ONLY to members who purchase a 12 week countdown during February. If you already have a countdown you can purchase a gift voucher which you can use when your current countdown finishes. Dont miss out on this offer saving £10 on fees and free book worth £4.95. Book on sale March. 

And lastly new magazine is on sale this week, its AMAZING! 

Food Optimising Rules!

Here is just a small selection of some of the photographs posted on our Great Wyrley VIP Facebook group by members this January. This is food optimising! 😁😋

Broccoli & Cheese Soup

Well this soup seems to have become the new 'thing' at Great Wyrley Slimming World thanks to Andrea who shared with us this recipe a couple of weeks ago. I keep seeing pictures of this soup, Ive had lots of texts from members who are enjoying it and Ive even got some of it myself in the fridge!
You HAVE to try this, it is soupmazing!

2 full broccoli roughly chopped including the stalks
2 vegetable stock cubes made into stock
chopped garlic to taste
1 onion roughly chopped
4 Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles

Add the broccoli, onion and garlic to a large pan and just a out cover with the stock. Bring to the boil and simmer until veg is cooked.
Leave to slightly cool then blitz up to make nice and smooth. Add the laughing cow triangles and stir until melted. Blitz a little to ensure mixed well.


This soup is 6 syns in total. You can alter the quantity of cheese depending on taste and amend the syns accordingly.

16 Stone gone forever!

There is so many superstars at Great Wyrley Slimming World and I'm proud of every single one of our members, so supportive of each other and this kind of commitment to yourselves and the group is why we see such stunning weight losses.
This month Ive chosen to feature two members who have said goodbye to 16stone between them - The lovely motivating Katey who attends the 9.30am session and the inspirational Jon from the 7.30pm session.

This is Katey, she joined group on 7th June 2016 and during January I awarded her a 6 stone award to a rapturous round of applause from her fellow group members. Kateys average weight loss is 2.5lbs a week. She has the most amazing commitment to herself and her dedication to achieving the weight losses she wants shows every week in group. We've watched Kateys confidence grow week by week and she always stays to image therapy helping others with lots of support and ideas. Katey enjoys a night out with the girls but this never stops her losing weight.
Kateys secret to success - 'there isn't a secret, just follow food optimising, remember to eat speed foods with every meal & enjoy your syns.'

This is Jon, he joined Great Wyrley Slimming World in June 2016 with his wife Lydia. He has lost an spectacular 10 stone with an average weight loss of 4.5lb a week.  Slimming as husband and wife means shared cooking and support and Lydia has lost 4 stone herself. This couple is cooking on gas!! 
Jons health has improved immensely over the past few months, he enjoys taking walks over Cannock Chase with his family and is enjoying having extra energy & feeling fantastic. Check out his happy face!